The new Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard Deluxe account blends the best features of a bank account and a MasterCard card into one revolutionary account. You can have your wages deposited and withdraw money for free across the UK at any cash machine with the MasterCard acceptance mark. There are no credit checks and you can enjoy cashback on purchases, 1% of the first £1,000 you spend on the card plus 0.5% on all your further spending. Payments and transfers such as one-off payments or regular standing orders for your mortgage or utility bills are free and the Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard Deluxe account is designed to improve your credit rating, making it easier for you to gain credit in the future. It could also help you to save money by helping you receive offers of lower interest rates in the future.

  • Can improve your credit rating
  • Prepaid Mastercard accepted in 29 million locations all over the world
  • Cashback of 0.5% to 1.0% on purchases
  • Free ATM withdrawals in the UK
  • Free Purchase Protection
  • No set up or monthly fees

The prepaid MasterCard card needs to have money loaded into your account before you can use it, you can do this by having your salary paid into the account, or by using another bank account online, or at over 15,000 places across the UK including 12,000 post offices. The issuer of your Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard Deluxe account is
APS Financial Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority with all customer deposits are protected and held securely in trust by Royal Bank of Scotland. There are no credit checks carries out on Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard Deluxe applications, this means the account is a great alternative to high street bank accounts for those with credit problems in the past, however, unlike other accounts designed for those with poor credit history, there are no monthly fees with Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard Deluxe account, ATM withdrawals are also free in the UK and you can set up 20 regular payments each month for a combined value of up to £5,000 with no charge!