Ffrees has launched a trio of current accounts designed to get people saving and budgeting with ease. Ffrees first appeared in late 2012 with the prepaid family reward card which received superficial press attention. The card allowed people to get over 20% of their total spending back. Building on this scheme, Ffrees has linked it to three current accounts. In addition to automatically saving reward points which customers accumulate when they spend with partners, these accounts help customers manage their money better.

Who are they for?
None of these accounts require credit check meaning anybody who is over 18 years of age is guaranteed to acquire one. Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you earn, Ffrees has launched these current accounts to assist you save up. These accounts are contemporary alternatives to any other kind of current account available today. This may explain why thousands of people have opened current accounts thus far.

How many types of Ffrees current accounts are there?
There are three types of current accounts to pick from. They all come with a prepaid Visa Card which you can load with cash. They also offer Ffrees Savings Points if you spend at certain partners, which can be redeemed for money. Nonetheless, the amount of points you are able to accumulate depends on the type of current account you choose. Each of the three accounts offers facilities to pay in wages, salary, pension or benefits. Unlike other accounts, Ffrees make money from providers and retailers who you pick and not from your money.

Which are the three current accounts?
The basic account is known as Ffrees Family Account which has no monthly charges provided that you make the minimum deposit monthly. Ffrees Family Account will earn you reasonable percentage back on what you spend with partners. There is also standard monthly account known as Ffrees Family Account Plus. For a small monthly fee, you get a larger percentage of your spending back. Lastly, there is a premier account known as Ffrees Premium Account which costs a little more a month, but you receive large percentage back on your total spending.

Can I be able to manage my money better?
These accounts will help customers manage their cash well. You can set money aside for your bills with Ffrees Money Manager, which enables you to pay your bills seamlessly. When it is set up, Ffrees Money Manager will make sure the bills are paid on time. These accounts won’t let one spend cash put aside for the bills on anything. In addition, one can set up the Ffrees Money Manager to save for his or her holiday.