Secure Trust Bank

secure trust bank

The Secure Trust Bank Current Account is a refreshingly simple and transparent bank account that is open to everyone, regardless of past credit history, even for those who have had bank account applications declined in the past. To open Secure Trust Bank Current Account, all you need to be a UK resident aged 18 or over and provide proof of identity and address.

The Secure Trust Bank Current Account is a basic bank account designed to help you to manage your money and avoid problems with unpaid bills. Secure Trust don’t charge you for bounced direct debits or standing orders and there is no overdraft facility. The Secure Trust Bank Current Account can be easily managed online or over the telephone.

  • No fees or charges for bounced Direct Debits or Standing Orders
  • No overdraft facility
  • No credit checks
  • Standing Order or Direct Debit facilities just like a traditional bank account
  • Earn up to 4% cash rewards with selected high street retailers
  • A one off set up fee of £12.50 and a monthly management fee of £12.50
  • A MasterCard Prepaid Card which can be used at over 30 million outlets worldwide
  • A 50p ATM withdrawal fee

The MasterCard is a Prepaid Card, which means you must load money onto your card before you spend, much like a Pay as You Go mobile phone top up. This means the money you spend on your Prepaid Card is separate from the money in your Current Account, so you can spend safe in the knowledge that your bills will still be paid from the money kept separate in your Current Account. All Secure Trust customers are enrolled in their rewards scheme, which can earn up to 4% rewards from over 35 high street retailers simply by paying for goods using your MasterCard Prepaid Card.

The Secure Trust Bank Current Account can be opened online or by phone as there are no credit checks so everyone is accepted as long as they can prove identity and residency. In most cases this can be done electronically when you apply, but in some cases you may need to supply further identification by post. There is a one off set up fee of £12.50 plus a monthly management fee of £12.50, however the Secure Trust Bank don’t charge for failed payments so no more £15 to £30 charges appearing on your statements just because you forgot a direct debit was due!

The Secure Trust Bank was established 1954 is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK. You can pay in your wages or benefits and set up Standing Orders and Direct Debits just like a traditional high street bank account and you also get a Secure Trust Bank MasterCard Prepaid card.