Think Money


The Thinkmoney Personal Account is the account that offers more, no more unexpected charges, no credit checks and expert help with your finances from professional Money Managers. Thinkmoney recognise that many people need more from their account than just simply somewhere to keep their money. If you’re aged 18 or over and a UK resident then the Thinkmoney Personal Account can offer a range of useful features which are designed to make managing your money a whole lot easier.

Many people struggle to manage their finances, but the Thinkmoney Personal Account makes it easier by using their dedicated Money Managers to split your money into two accounts, one for essential bills and expenses, and one for spending. This means you can safely spend money available in your account without worrying about not being able to pay all your direct debits and standing orders.

  • No credit checks, guaranteed acceptance
  • No fees for bounced direct debits, standing orders or unauthorised overdrafts
  • No set-up fees
  • Money Managers personal budgeting service
  • Just a single monthly fee of £14.50 for a single account, or £21.25 for a joint account
  • Thinkmoney Debit MasterCard

A practical alternative to a bank account, Thinkmoney don’t charge for rejected or missed payments like most traditional bank accounts do. With Thinkmoney you pay a single monthly fee of £14.50 to cover all administration costs (or £21.25 for a joint account). This monthly cost may seem steep, but money people pay thousands in bank charges every year, if you are one of those people this account will save you a fortune!

In addition the personal budgeting service from the Money Managers should save you money by avoiding late-payment charges from lenders, utility providers and other companies. The accounts come with a Thinkmoney Debit MasterCard which can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance symbol. You can manage your Thinkmoney anywhere you like, at whatever time suits you, online from the comfort of your home, with a useful SMS text service which keeps you up to date on the move.