Tips for Getting Accepted

guaranteed acceptance

If you’re struggling to get accepted for a bank account and are now looking to find a bad credit bank account then we are here to help. You may find that you are getting refused from many banks because you are applying for an overdraft. If getting a bank account is your main objection then apply for one without an overdraft and without a cheque book. This lowers the risk factor for the bank by making it very difficult for you to owe them money, thus increasing your chances of getting approved.

If this still fails then you may want to take a look at bad credit and no credit check bank accounts. Bad credit accounts are ideal for anyone who has a low or poor credit rating and will need to apply for what is called “A Basic Bank Account”. This means, no interest, no credit card, no overdraft and no cheque book. Basically, it’s a current account stripped down to the bare necessities.

If you still find yourself getting declined, maybe you have been recently bankrupt, then your last option is a no credit check bank account. These are, as the name suggests, an account with a bank that doesn’t credit check you. Most of these offer guaranteed acceptance and almost instant approval after your apply. As such, they are very limited in what you can do. Some don’t allow direct debits, debit cards or even prepaid cards, so check out our Best No Credit Check Bank Accounts for more information on what accounts offer what benefits.